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World of Darkness MMORPG!

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World of Darkness MMORPG!

Mensaje por Caín el Vie 20 Mayo 2011, 3:18 am

Confirmed information:

- The game has been in full development since March 2009. Pre-production started in 2006.
- This has been slowed by keeping up with eve
- Treparing to develop 'carbon technology' aka Incarna framework for what should provide state-of-the-art character customizations, unlike any seen in any game before, for the mmo.
- They are particularly psyched about the customization framework. they claim they have in fact, hired a fashion consultant, to help make the system more realistic and stylish.
- Another 1.5 years has been spent preparing the actual gameplay
- They have increased their staff by 6 times the previous head count
- They've put 629k man-hours into this MMO as of Sept 2010 -- so far.
- In a 2009 public financial project outlook CCP document the following 2 quotes were taken from it as they directly relate to the WoD project:

"Given the World of Darkness legacy, its large fan base, and proven appeal to both genders, we estimate the subscriber potential of this product to be two to three times that of EVE Online, without competing head on with CCP's existing products thus enabling wider total appeal."

"This engine will manage the full-body representation of humans, creatures, and other non-player-characters
(NPC) for both indoor and outdoor game environment settings. Ambulation includes R&D in Artificial Intelligence,
Animation Systems, Advanced Character Rendering Technology, Crowd Simulation, Navigation,
and Pathfinding for agents in indoor environments. Ambulation will be used to deliver the new EVE Online
feature “Walking in Stations”, and will be the technology foundation for the World of Darkness character
Regarding coffee house, sandbox and theme parks style of play that we've discussed on the forum, burgermeister writes; "from what they said, these three spheres should be closely tied and interconnected together, essentially running the economy of blood in the game. "

The four overall themes they intended to have in the game are:
- Mystery
- Romance
- Power
- Danger

"For concrete facts, we learned that the game will be ready, by earliest, 2012. the game will be based on vampire: the masquerade. specifically, in the initial release of the game, there will only be vampires as supernatural, playable characters. There will however, be elements from werewolf, changeling, etc., likely in the form of environmental content, and npcs."

-One of their criteria for success is to make the game as accessible as possible. specifically they want to get women involved in the game, as well as casual players. also, they want to maximize the amount of human interaction that happens in the game.

-They confirmed that the game will not be combat intensive (unless you choose as such). Knowing, influencing the correct people is arguable more important than being the biggest brawler.

-They will not be catering to immaturity in the game, however, they would like to see these types of offenses policed by players, rather than in-game mechanics.

"I personally offered up one of the board's suggestions of permanent death as a solution to controlling an otherwise glut of kindred population within any one area. This was one of the suggestions that got applause from the audience. i also couldn't help but notice two of the content developers smirking -- I think permanent death is a serious possibility in the mmo. a lot of other fans made the same or similar suggestions. this remark also drew out a comment from the panel, suggesting that the game world would consist of one server rather than multiple servers, after someone else suggested that some servers offer this permanent death option while others did not. (his response "servers? what servers?") "

-They confirmed that factions and territories will almost certainly be a big part of the game.

-They confirmed that the game will definitely contains gay clubs. This is an excellent angle to cater to the gay and lesbian audience.

-They again, did confirm, that starting off there would only be vampires, but one of the other developers also confirmed that there would be playable human classes -- although nothing specific. I only can assume he means the likes of ghouls and hunters.

-The game will be fully PvP, i.e. There may be elysium areas, but nothing like the flagging system, as seen in PvE wow servers.

-In regards to the development cycles, some disciplines simply will not be included because they are way too complicate to implement well -- specifically, temporis.

The following are notes of the topics, confirmations of what a attendee took who listened to Justin Achilli on a panel at the 2010 Grand Masquerade;

* Not a lot of quests. Org versus org. Player-driven faction content and conflict.
* Not a WOW clone. Repetitive quests are boring and unfulfilling.
* Concerns over how mental or social influence powers are handled. How to do this well and meaningfully? Players uncomfortable with a loss of control over avatar.
* Players want to control other characters, however.
* Territory control. An adult-only play space. Roleplayers want a space where the integrity of the setting colors the conversation. Don't want to suffer through Chuck Norris jokes and other immersion-breaking chatter.
* Content that reinforces themes that are the cornerstones of the WoD. "Shivers up the spine."
* An exploration of who a new character is, so that he's not just dropped tabula rasa into the world. Random backgrounds, connections to the world, hooks into world participation.
* Powers that cleave closely to the powers that exist in the game, but also expand into new directions for appropriate Disciplines. Making them work in tandem with the system, so that they make sense in the world.
* Finite numbers of the supernatural critter types.
* Permadeath. Server type preference?
* Allow social powers to be socially versatile. A character can be successful socially; not all advancement is tied to combat or traditional "leveling."
* Factional control of regions or assets. Benefits to controlling key areas or establishments.
* Live team events built upon a foundation of existing world lore. Real-time events, historical Masquerade characters, GM NPCs who can be interacted with or pull players into stories.
* Influences, boons, hallmarks of the social origins of vampires.
* Accessible to casual players. Low-intensity tasks to just pick up and do so players don't have to sit there idly.
* Playable Sabbat.
* Creation, building visible things that can be added to game. Ex. Toreador art, Nosferatu caverns. Some kind of crafting system.
* One big world with a dynamic power system that allows different factions to thrive.
* Stay true to the adult content. Blood, gore, darkness, tits.
* Present the themes of the World of Darkness as playable elements. Let the players participate in the things that make Vampire what it is.
* Allow players to participate meaningfully as casual and part-time players.
* Image and customization consultation -- players helping other players create their looks.
* Playable neonate-ancilla-elder model with meaningful play, all with impact on the in-world vitae economy.
* Status system -- how to represent and elder concept. Players that can participate as setting, a piece of the environment.
* Unique and empowering via rarity.
* Rarity of combat unless it's a character's focus.
* Severity and fearsomeness of combat.
* World that responds to the actions of the characters. Dynamic, changing, adapting to how players use the world.
* A system to allow players to form groups of their own design as opposed to just sharing commonalities like clan and Disciplines.
* GLBT friendly content.
* Rewards for advancement tied to tiered mastery of ability or chance rolls.
* Final Death.
* Bloodline characters. Seeing the effects of actions the players have taken in character selection.
* Use relationships with fan organizations to allow players to play their LARP characters and vice versa.
* Crafting +1 but not materials farming.
* Immersion as a priority. Reward the long-time player who's been into Vampire as opposed to the sillier players who are aggravating elements in other MMOs. Jumping goofball players break the mood.
* Non-unique names as a matter of character identity.
* Other WoD critters. The whole panoply of supernatural creature types.
* Cherry pick the strong parts of Requiem.
* Mortals, participate in the Embrace, etc. X2 X3
* Embrace. X2
* Diablerie.
* Ability to flag self for PvP allowability.
* Communication needs. Make communication happen in a way that's not as as intrusive as "global chat UI".
* Politics outside clan and sect. City politics, for example. Domains and territories?
* A sense of history imparted to elder characters. Flashback sequences, historical instances, etc.
* Narrative that's not wholly reliant on players to facilitate the content.
* Control the rate of character progression and provide content so that casual and time-constrained players can still participate meaningfully.
* Personal spaces like havens. Ability to damage or conspire against havens. Or help cultivate them.
* Torpor as a clone-type mechanic as a backup.
* Casual player rewards and impetus.

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Re: World of Darkness MMORPG!

Mensaje por Majulio el Vie 20 Mayo 2011, 10:50 am

Wow... quiero eso YA.
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Re: World of Darkness MMORPG!

Mensaje por Caín el Vie 20 Mayo 2011, 11:19 am

Yo quiero ver imágenes.

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Re: World of Darkness MMORPG!

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